100% of proceeds of Smokey's pin go to charity.

That's correct, 100% of proceeds of sales of Smokeys Pin are going to the society that helped Smokey when no one else would. The Pasadena Humane Society supplied food, supplies, shots and surgeries as part of their Foster program. Smokey's rescuer could not have done it without them.

Limited Enamel Pin

Smokey's Story

Smokey was an abandoned orphan under a shed and rescued by a clueless man who had never had a pet. After a few vets saying to leave Smokey where he found him, he turned online for help. Eventually was sent to the Pasadena Humane Society where they helped under their Foster Program. Eventually the story had touched enough people for The Dodo to run a story, from then Smokey's story has received over 30 Million views.